Tuesday, March 28, 2006

The Yellow Dog

Six years ago
after doing a new logo for the
Iowa County Humane Society in Dodgeville, Wisconsin...

I was so fired up,
I dug out a very weak monoprint
saved from my "yellow dog" series...
(I don't throw much out...
I don't see things as failures...
only beginnings for something else)
and produced a fine, newly painted Yellow Dog.
I scanned him when he was dry...
and then took him in to the gallery where their first auction was to be held
to see if he would be an acceptable donation.

I don't know if I simply lost him...
or he was stolen.
He never made it to the auction.
The only proof of his existence were the glowing pixals on my monitor.

This year I mastered the Epson printer...
and using CavePaint, some beautiful archival paper,
and my new printing abilities
finally released the YellowDog from his dark, digital quarters
in time to be at this year's Humane Society auction.

The YellowDog brought a bid of $218.00.

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