Tuesday, March 21, 2006

Small Dog of Power

That's him...
He was my effort towards the BarenForum
Chinese Year of the Dog print exchange.
The first major effort on my own with Moku Hanga....
I needed some mild mannered beast to print..
considering I may be printing hundreds of them
in order to get the 60 some I needed...
so, I selected this mild tempered/mannered fellow
which I felt I could look at for the duration
and not risk either eyeball damage or boredom.

I DID manage to discover that there is one volume of Murphy's Laws
which addresses Japanese printmaking specifically...
and I've managed to follow
and then successfully break every one of them
with the help of this fine beast...
which is, actually, part of his job AS animal of the year.

I printed in batches...
and each batch was a bit different than the one before.
I couldn't help myself...
I had to keep trying something different
but I did achieve consistancy within each batch.
I guess I should call them "editions".
I'm still learning.
I had a ball.
It took way longer to get those 60 prints than I expected...
but, I wonder how much of that time was spent
following all those "laws".

I'm not done with this one though.
Fine tuning, tailoring and experiments with flaming glue are in his future!

My knives are calling...
more later.

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