Tuesday, July 11, 2006

Easle Bite


tom said...

Hi Linda,

Bugger! Well your left hand is doing OK, except you have jammed it in a door, perhaps? As a tradesman I have had a few of these blood filled fingernails. Sometimes they ache badly but there is a cure. It's a bit gruesome but it really helps to drain out the blood. this can be done fairly painlessly by pressing a hot needle onto the nail and burning/boring a hole down to release the blood.

Patti P-C said...

Hi LK just a few comments, have dealt with wrist and shoulder pain since my late 20's, a couple of tips toward conquering:

1 first and formost learn to endure pain...sorry but it's a fact of arting

2 get voice recognition on your computer, eliminates the need to type or hand write messages (any break to sore hands is that much less strain)

3 become a switch hander...yup learned to mouse, draw and paint lefty; though carving is dangerous, (I'm just just not confindent enough with handling a knive lefty to risk carving lefty) Oh and you know what, it doesn't show up any different in my art, I can draw in the same drawing with both hands at the same time and you can't tell which hand did what. You can do this too...and you will be surrised at how quickly you will succeed!

As to easle bite...damned things there is no way to avoid getting bitten other than setting them up and never moving or adjusting them again...or never using them again...YEAH RIGHT, like one of us creatives will ever give up our arting, not rain or snow or aching hands...

Patti P-C said...

Oh yeah L- forgot one other thing

Number 4 get one of those little light pen thingys for you computer, I use it in my day job (graphic design) I mouse with the left and use the light pen thingy with the right. can draw, mouse and write with the light pen thingy...this dual practice really saves on my the number of computing tasks that are done with any one hand

these practices have kept me nearly pain---no no strike that there is still pain but relatively little strain---you just get used to the pain.